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AVDL partners with a hosting company that offers high performance hosting on a truly global level. The servers are based in Iceland, which because of its state of the art infrastructure and location between Europe and the United States ensures low latency basically anywhere in the world but also offers a safe heaven for data. Our partnership allows us to offer hosting, cloud based solutions and technical know-how for large scale enterprises, the gaming industry and even financial institutions.

Hosting for small businesses

Choosing the right hosting company and package might seem an easy task. There are thousands of hosting companies around the world that offer affordable or even free hosting packages guaranteeing little down time and promising all sorts of options from a"one click Wordpress install" to free SSL certificates. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems and cheap can become expensive very quickly sometimes with devastating results.

What is web-hosting anyway and do I really need it?

Web-hosting or just hosting is the service that companies offer to store the files that make up your website or web application and allow these to be accessed by a web browser through the world wide web. These files are stored and run on a computer dedicated to this purpose called a (web) server

Down time, security, latency and bandwidth?

So yes, if you want anyone to access your website or programme through the WWW, hosting is needed and you want to make sure that the server your website runs on is switched on and operating correctly all the time because you want your website to be available 24/7. The time your site is not available is called down-time and you want it to be minimal.

The server will also run a database programme to manage and store your application's data such as your customer data or accounting and order data. You obviously want these data to be stored safely so hackers or unauthorised persons cannot access them. You also want to store your client data in compliance with the current laws, failing to comply with the general protection regulation (GDPR) can lead up to huge fines.

For your application to work properly you also want the transfer of data to and from your server to the client computers to go quickly with the smallest possible delays. The delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer is called latency, you obviously want latency to be as small as possible and therefore the location of your server becomes important.

Another factor in hosting is bandwidth which is the amount of data your website can transfer to your users in a given amount of time. Some hosting companies or packages put limits to the amount of data you can transfer or make you pay more if you go over their set limits.

Apart from hosting you will want to reserve a name for your website and make sure that name points to your files stored on your server when people type it in their browser. This reservation is called domain name registration and is usually done on a yearly basis. It is obviously easier if your domain registration and hosting is done by the same company but not strictly necessary.

These are just a few factors to take into account when contracting your hosting. There is another very important one which is customer service. Sometimes things do go wrong and when they do you want a company that responds and finds solutions in the least possible time. Our partner provides round-the-clock support and assistance and strive to provide top of the industry time to resolution. They have both a ticket and phone support system which is always available to offer reactive help. They also have proactive monitoring systems which will keep you covered behind the scenes.

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A note on social networks from Harvard Business Review:

Social platforms are still reporting robust growth — yes, even Facebook — despite a growing chorus of opposition. Social conversation continues to shape everything from culture to the media cycle to our most intimate relationships. And we now spend more time than ever on our phones, with endless scrolling through our social feeds being a chief reason why.
But dig a little deeper, and a more nuanced picture emerges about social media users today that has important implications for the ways in which brands reach customers. Specifically, when you look at who is — and more importantly, who is not — driving the growth and popularity of social platforms, a key demographic appears to be somewhat in retreat: young people. For example, 2019 findings from Edison Research and Triton Digital show social media usage overall among Americans 12 to 34 years old across several platforms has either leveled off or is waning, while 2019 research from Global Web Index suggests that the amount of time millennial and Gen Z audiences spend on many social platforms is either flat, declining, or not rising as greatly as it has in years’ past.
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