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CTO Consulting

Small and medium business owners and SEOs often ignore or are simply not aware of the space for improvement of their technical resources and business processes.

Quite often because they do not have the time, lack the technical skills or are simply too busy to keep up to date with the available technology their businesses loose out by not taking full advantage of the technical resources at their disposition.

AVDL can help your business reach new goals improve your client relation management, revise and automate your internal processes, help your business reach more customers than ever and get the most out of your companies’ technical resources without having to hire a full time CTO.

Who, what and When?
Who needs AVDL's CTO consulting?
- Any existing business that does not have the resources to hire a fulltime CTO but looks to streamline or automate its business processes.
- Startups with a business vision but limited knowledge of the technology needed to launch it.
- Other CTOs may use AVDL for a specific project.
- CTOs may use AVDL as consulting CTO when they want to supplement their own understanding of a new technology with additional knowledge and experience.
- Investors may use a AVDL for technical due diligence.
What can AVDL provide as a CTO consultant?
- AVDL can suggest the most appropriate development platform for your business and guidance through software development.
- Provide advice about web application frameworks, programming languages, software development methodologies, software architecture and data management.
- AVDL can also help you with your business plan by estimating costs and the timeframe needed to setup your company's technical infrastructure.
When would you hire a consulting CTO?
- You think there might be room for improvement in your business but do not know where to start.
- You need to cut down on human resources and need to automate tasks and streamline processes
- Hiring AVDL consulting CTO on a temporary basis allows your startup to move forward in the early stages of technology development.

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Sorry, the icons look great and almost seem compulsory but we are not engaged in any social networks. Although AVDL highly recommends its customers to engage in the social networks for certain market segments and age groups we ourselves do not post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

A note on social networks from Harvard Business Review:

Social platforms are still reporting robust growth — yes, even Facebook — despite a growing chorus of opposition. Social conversation continues to shape everything from culture to the media cycle to our most intimate relationships. And we now spend more time than ever on our phones, with endless scrolling through our social feeds being a chief reason why.
But dig a little deeper, and a more nuanced picture emerges about social media users today that has important implications for the ways in which brands reach customers. Specifically, when you look at who is — and more importantly, who is not — driving the growth and popularity of social platforms, a key demographic appears to be somewhat in retreat: young people. For example, 2019 findings from Edison Research and Triton Digital show social media usage overall among Americans 12 to 34 years old across several platforms has either leveled off or is waning, while 2019 research from Global Web Index suggests that the amount of time millennial and Gen Z audiences spend on many social platforms is either flat, declining, or not rising as greatly as it has in years’ past.
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